La Vegana Mexicana is proudly family-owned and operated. We offer plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, traditional Mexican food.

Chef-Owner Loreta Ruiz started experimenting with plant-based Mexican food in 2015 when her daughter transitioned to veganism after a sudden onset of autoimmune disease. The owner's daughter, also named Loreta, was forced to eliminate animal products, gluten, and soy from her diet to improve her health. After the whole family converted to veganism to offer support and the recipes improved, the Ruiz family realized the demand for traditional, culturally appropriate, plant-based and allergy-friendly foods.

And so, La Vegana Mexicana was born.

La Vegana Mexicana started as a Santa Ana pop-up doing farmers' markets, community events, vegan fairs, and catering. They received an offer to lease a stall at a food emporium called the

4th St Market in Downtown Santa Ana in December.

La Vegana Mexicana opened as an official brick and mortar in February 2019.

La Vegana Mexicana specializes in plant-based, traditional Mexican food without the use of soy, gluten, or mock-meat. They also offer nut-free and FODMAP (garlic and/or onion-free) options. The goal is to create culturally appropriate, plant-based, healthy food that retains the rich and flavorful history, spices, preliminary ingredients, and modes of preparation of Mexico. 

La Vegana Mexicana is most famous for their tamales.