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La Vegana Mexicana is a vegan and traditional Mexican food concept that started as a local pop-up in 2017.

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Our recipes have been in the works since the chef-owner's daughter transitioned to veganism due to a sudden onset of autoimmune disease in 2014.

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We've veganized dozens of recipes. We are most famous for our tamales, pambazo, tacos, and desserts.

Our menu is entirely plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and made with whole, minimally processed ingredients.


All items are made from scratch daily, from our masa, tamal fillings, "chorizo", "ceviche", "shrimp", "cheeses", aguas frescas, salsas, mole, and more.

We do not utilize any mock meats.

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Our goal throughout this journey is to showcase the best of traditional Mexican cuisine with a plant-based twist, without compromising taste or history.


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Since starting La Vegana Mexicana, we've been featured in The Los Angeles Times, NPR, La Opinión, Univisión, Medium, Visit California, Eater LA, McCormick, KPCC, and many more.